Where innovation and tradition meet.
Here Constància Bags comes to life.

Constància: bags and accessories in genuine Made in Italy leather

Constància is a dream. A project born in Tuscany from the passion for beauty, craftsmanship and fashion.

Giusy Balzano is the fashion designer who first imagined and then gave life to this brand in 2018, with a precise vision: to create unique, precious leather bags and accessories , able to stand out from the uniformity of mass-produced industrial products.

Starting from the perspective of wanting to stand out for the uniqueness of the proposals and focusing on the great value of the ‘unique piece’, Constància Bags, in fact, proposes to offer something really different, presenting an elegant brand but in the same way, giving vent to the originality typical of “handmade” craftsmanship and the importance of customization .

Constància brings with it a new concept of "luxury" that focuses on uniqueness, substance and exclusivity.

  • The uniqueness of products made entirely by hand with genuine vegetable tanned leather and customizable in every detail.
  • The substance of the long tradition of Italian craftsmanship (and in particular Tuscany) in the selection and processing of the raw material.
  • The exclusivity of models of leather bags and accessories, which are truly unique pieces capable of expressing the personality and taste of those who choose them.

Constància bags and accessories are made on request.

This is what most differentiates it from the mass production of large and small fashion brands.

Giusy Balzano’s creative flair meets the wishes of customers in a dialogue that gives life to unrepeatable projects. Master craftsmen follow the entire manufacturing process, carefully choosing the hides, working them, coloring them and engraving them with the skill and dexterity of yesteryear, creating pieces that can never be identical to each other ( discover the infinite possibilities of customization ).

Constància uses only leathers treated according to the ancient method of vegetable tanning.

This choice is a great declaration of love for beauty: that of the final product, which will be aesthetically more satisfying; and that of nature, which is thus protected ( discover the philosophy and values of Constància Bags ).

Constància bags and accessories in genuine leather: a splendid and concrete expression of “Made in Italy”.

The refined aesthetic, able to combine tradition and modernity in its lines; the methods of craftsmanship, handed down from generation to generation; the bond with the territory and respect for its soul, creativity and wisdom, combined in the creation of products capable of celebrating the uniqueness of each person. All these aspects make Constància a splendid and concrete expression of “Made in Italy” ( find out more about Constància Bags production ).

Constància bags in genuine leather Made in Italy

At some point in my life, I realized that everything the market was offering was basically all the same, standardized. As a creative and designer I started thinking about new ideas, new designs, with the awareness of having the essential raw material, the "real leather, the real leather" available. This is where my adventure begins and almost by fate the meeting with unique collaborators, whose mastery has been able to enhance and translate my ideas into concrete works of high artistic craftsmanship.

Giusy Balzano