Handcrafted bags: the Constància Bags collections

Constància handcrafted bags accompany you in every moment of your day. Discover our Luxury , Luxury Tooling , Luxury Embossed and Hand Painting collections and choose your favorite line. To complete your look, you can choose from our proposals for genuine leather accessories , made in the Constància style.

handcrafted bags

Luxury Line: the ideal choice at any time of the day.

The Luxury line celebrates the elegance of minimal aesthetics with clean and graceful lines. Handcrafted bags in geometrically harmonious leather, embellished with never excessive style details, perfect for any moment of the day. Designed for those looking for practicality but love to stand out with valuable accessories that can complete and make any outfit special. Each element can be customized to reflect the personality of the wearer.
handcrafted bags

Tooling Line: every occasion is the right one to make a difference.

The Luxury Tooling line adds style details to the harmony of shapes inspired by the grace of natural elements. Sophisticated bags with a unique charm, perfect for special occasions and evenings. Each decoration is completely handmade with the complex carving-tooling technique and can be customized to suit the wearer’s taste. Real leather jewels designed for those who want to embellish their look with accessories that can get noticed.
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handcrafted bags

Embossed Line: timeless elegance.

The Luxury Embossed line is a tribute to timeless elegance. Handmade leather bags that celebrate the refinement of the classic but never banal style. Designed for those looking for accessories with a timeless charm, characterized by a balance of shapes and precious details. All the grace of the Italian artisan tradition, interpretable and customizable to best express the wearer’s class.
handcrafted bags

Hand Painting Line: hand painted to express your creativity.

The Luxury Hand Painting line celebrates the beauty of joy and colors. The harmonious lines of the leather bags acquire liveliness thanks to the colorful details, handmade for each piece, real artistic expressions. Designed for those who want to complete their look with refined but playful and dynamic accessories, to be customized according to their inspiration and imagination.

Create your Constància: customize your genuine leather bag or accessory.

Every single Constància creation is never the same as the other: it is in fact made entirely by hand and with strictly artisanal methods, following the ancient traditions of production in Tuscany. To make your handcrafted bag or your genuine leather accessory even more unique, you can also choose to customize its design, color and finish.

Start creating your Constància and discover all the customization possibilities .