Unique, true Made in Italy.

Made in Italy craftsmanship: the values of Constància Bags.

Constància moves in the changing world of fashion following a map made up of well-defined and indispensable values, cardinal points of a path that has as its goal the celebration of the uniqueness and the real “Made in Italy” made by hand .

Constància leather bags and accessories are unique pieces.

Giusy Balzano is the fashion creator of the Constància lines but all models can be fully customized by the customer. Choice of leather, colors, details: the creative process develops in an artistic dialogue that allows the creation of truly unique objects.
It is not a question of choosing prepackaged items that are the same as a thousand others. Constància gives you the opportunity to express your own style and vision through pieces tailored to your wishes.

Precious vegetable tanned leather according to the ancient Tuscan tradition. Beauty and eco-sustainability.

The raw material is the basis of the final aesthetics. Constància refers to the Tuscan artisan tradition and uses only genuine natural full-grain leather, tanned with vegetable tannins and colored with water-based colors . The result is a soft leather, which adapts well to the most varied shapes, fascinating in its facets and shades. Constància is an expression of the territory in which it was born and knows that the beauty of nature is a value to be protected and handed down. This is why it makes noble those that arise as leather waste from the food industry (which if not used in the tanning process would create disposal problems) and processes them with ingredients and processes with zero environmental impact .

Made in Italy craftsmanship and quality: the real handmade.

The watchwords of the fashion industry are speed and easy replicability: Constància follows the opposite path, that of luxury craftsmanship. Each leather accessory and bag is made entirely by hand by expert master craftsmen. From the tanning of the leather to the decorations with the complex techniques of carving tooling or hand painting, from the coloring to the assembly and stitching, everything is completely handmade . Italian craftsmanship is capable of creating real works of art and this is what Constància offers its customers.

Dreams, passion and constancy: values to be pursued.

Behind every Constància accessory there is first of all a vision, a dream: Giusy Balzano has given life to a brand capable of expressing the preciousness of the individual . It did so by pursuing its goal with passion, research and perseverance, a characteristic that gives its name to the whole project. Consistency towards a goal means love, passion, sacrifice, hard work. Making bags and accessories that can tell something about the wearer is the dream come true that will make the difference for your style.