Handcrafted genuine leather bags

Handcrafted genuine leather bags production.

High quality raw materials, work methods that respect nature, old techniques rediscovered to create a refined and contemporary style.

Constància Bags genuine leather creations combine creativity and craftsmanship skills. A long process followed closely through every work phase: from the first hand drawn draft design to the final product.

The creative phase: how a unique project is born.

The fashion designer of Constància style is Giusy Balzano . Hers is a project that has its roots in time: she works for years in the leather sector and this allows her to study and get to know in depth the raw material of her creations, which she manages to bring out to the maximum in her products. Bags are born from a fleeting inspiration, from a fervent fantasy, from dreams that in the morning are quickly put on paper so as not to forget even a detail. They are the expression of a dreaming and determined soul, in a continuous search for beauty and moved by the desire to make apparently abstract concepts such as aesthetics and uniqueness real and palpable.

The leather's choice: 100% Italian and handcrafted.

A fundamental element for the creation of Constància products is the close bond with the tannery that provides the raw material. A family company that proudly carries on the tradition of Italian leather working since 1952. A relationship based on trust and collaboration far from the industrial systems. This allows the final customer to have a wide choice for the realization of a single bag or accessory and to have a real guarantee about the quality of leather.

Vegetable tanned leather: the most ancient, natural and ecological technique.

The tanning of leather is the procedure used to obtain a material suitable for the production of clothing and accessories. It was born as a natural processing but lost its connection with the environment as the industry started to demand more products in less time and chemical products began to dominate this field. Constància aims to retrieve the values of an old tradition and chooses the most natural way to process leather . Waste products are given a second life, they are handled with natural oils and tannins made from chestnut, oak and mimosa, coloured with water-based dyes. The obtained leather is 100% eco-sustainable , as well as beautiful.

Handmade techniques for bags: carving tooling, embossed, hand painting.

No industrial machinery, no assembly line. Only skilled hands of master craftsmen work to create Constància products. After the creation of the paper pattern and the cutting of the chosen leather, the actual product realization is made with different techniques.

Carving Tooling

A technique used to carve floral patterns on genuine leather: widely diffused in America, it has been interpreted in Italy with skill and passion. Very specific instruments are needed to realize this kind of décor, such as swivel knives, mallets, different burins as well as an excellent manual ability and patience.

Embossed style

Full grain leather is processed in a specific workshop where different prints (for example ostrich or crocodile textures) are realized through warm-pressure plates.

Hand Painting collection

This collection is the one that gives expression to the spontaneity and beauty of pure fortuitousness: starting from white, black, brown or natural leathers, colors are applied with hand-brushes, resulting in different combinations and creations every time.

The final step: assembling and sewing to create the handmade Constància bags.

When all the different elements are ready, the magic happens: every piece finally takes its place, glued, sewn, refined by hand following the ancient leather techniques of the Tuscan tradition. The Constància dream is now real. The long- awaited product, chosen and personalized by the customer, is now ready.